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  SYS-CON Media (www.sys-con.com), the world's leading i-technology media company, announced that its 2005 Readers' Choice Awards polls will close on December 31, 2005. So far more than 16,000 readers cast their votes to select the best  software products and services of the year for Java, Linux, Web Services, XML, Microsoft .NET, ColdFusion and Macromedia MX. Best Java Products of 2005: http://java.sys-con.com/general/readerschoice.htm Best Linux Products of 2005: http://linux.sys-con.com/general/readerschoice.htm Best Web Services Products of 2005: http://webservices.sys-con.com/general/readerschoice.htm Best .NET Products of 2005: http://dotnet.sys-con.com/general/readerschoice.htm Best Macromedia MX and ColdFusion Products of 2005: http://mxdj.sys-con.com/general/readerschoice.htm SYS-CON's Readers' Choice Awards program is considered to be the most prestigious awar... (more)

Mercado Eletrônico Case Study

Mercado Eletrônico is the leading B2B company in Latin America. Founded in 1994, it provides services for supply chain management, such as e-procurement, catalog, sourcing and collaboration, based on an advanced technology platform supporting more than 30,000 transactions a day and a complex buyer/supplier user community. The development of Mercado Eletrônico's technology platform started in 1994 using BBS software, which evolved to client/server and, in 1998, to the Web using Microsoft Active Server Pages. In 2005, with an accumulated two million lines of code ranging from stored procedures to AJAX interfaces, most of the code was complex and hard to maintain IDL/COM+ transactional components, implemented in a mix of Visual C++, Borland Delphi, and C#, and used by classic ASP and ASP.NET pages directly. When .NET 2.0 was released, it was made the primary target for... (more)

Delphi 2009 Implicit String Conversion Penalties

When migrating existing source code from previous versions of Delphi to Delphi 2009, you may encounter warnings about implicit conversions from AnsiString to Unicode Strings or vice versa (the other way may also have a potential data loss) and while it's easy to ignore these warnings, ignorance comes with a price! The particular real-world example I want to talk about in this post comes from a third-party library (who shall remain nameless) compatible with different versions of Delphi, including Delphi 2009. When I migrated my project from Delphi 2007 to Delphi 2009, the resulting application worked fine except when calling the third-party routine to perform a certain task. Response times went up from 2 seconds to almost 20 minutes (I'm not joking), which is a long time to wait for an answer to be formulated. By the way, originally we thought the process was just hang... (more)

Borland creates a RAD tool for the rest of us

Borland's release of Kylix, the Delphi-esque rapid application development tool for Linux, was one of the most anticipated new products to hit the Linux world. The promise and allure of Kylix was that it would provide an easy transition for the millions of Borland Delphi programmers writing Windows applications to Linux. The only negative about Kylix was the pricing, which dropped recently. Until the beginning of August, Kylix came in two versions. Kylix Server Developer, which includes the ability to write Web applications, costs a whopping $1,999. Kylix Desktop Developer, which now costs $199, is basically the same product without the Web development tools. Kylix Developer originally retailed for $999. But now there is a third version, Kylix Open Edition. You can purchase it for $99, and get it on a CD with printed documentation. Or, you can download it for ... (more)

Borland Delivers First Independent Path to Microsoft® .NET with Delphi 7 Studio

(August 6, 2002) - Borland Software Corporation has announced Borland® DelphiTM 7 Studio, featuring full support for new and emerging Web services, integrated model driven development, and preview capabilities for the Microsoft® .NET Framework. Using Delphi 7 Studio, the estimated one million Delphi developers can begin developing their skills for .NET and preparing applications for .NET without abandoning their existing work and skills on the Windows® platform. Borland is the first to deliver the independent path to .NET with Delphi 7 Studio, a cross-platform rapid application development (RAD) environment for the Windows platform. Delphi 7 Studio also features enterprise application design and deployment allowing developers to take advantage of enterprise application development from concept to production faster with the new UMLTM designer and Model Driven Archit... (more)

Avalon: Still a Big Deal

Scott Hanselman's coverage of Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference 2003, "Avalon: Yes, the Picture's Changing," generated a debate over whether Avalon is "revolutionary" or "evolutionary." To read the entire discussion, go to www.sys-con.com/dotnet/article.cfm?id=446. Evolutionary, not Revolutionary The movement of the declarative "InitializeComponents()" code to another more suitable "language" is nothing new, nor is it earth-shattering. Now comes the controversial part. Take a look at Borland Delphi... "Oh, I've heard of that." No, it is not just that "database" tool. It is a full-featured, powerful, object-oriented, component-based, compiled-to-native-code development environment. The Visual Component Library (VCL) included with Delphi uses a predecessor to Avalon's XAML. By using a text or binary declarative "language," the form construction is taken o... (more)

Altova's XMLSPY to be Included in Borland Development Tools

(September 4, 2003) - A special edition of Altova XMLSPY 5 will be included within future editions of Borland Delphi Studio, Borland C++ Builder, and Borland C#Builder for the Microsoft .NET Framework IDEs. By combining a special version of the Altova XMLSPY 5 XML development environment with Borland XML enabled software development environments, the Borland developer community can easily model, edit, test, and debug XML-enabled enterprise applications. "XML technologies have become an increasingly important aspect of enterprise software development projects," said Simon Thornhill, vice president and general manager of .NET solutions at Borland. "Our goal is to provide development teams with the tools they need to tackle their most challenging projects. By combining our XML enabled IDEs with Altova XMLSPY 5, we are helping to increase developer productivity, providi... (more)

SYS-CON Media Readers Cast More Than 4,000 Votes In First Week Of Voting

This year it looks certain that a new participation record will be set, as more than 4,000 votes have already been recorded in just the first seven days of voting, and more than 50,000 SYS-CON Media readers are estimated to cast their votes in this year's Readers' Choice Awards. The winners of this years awards will be announced in November at Web Services Edge 2005 West - International Web Services Conference & Expo in San Francisco. The list of companies heading the various polls reads like a "Who's Who" of the most active and enterprising players in the i-technology space - including all the industry's top software and hardware vendors, services providers, and technical publishers. Highlights after just one week's voting include: 2005 JDJ Readers' Choice Awards: There are 26 categories in this year's JDJ awards. In the coveted "Best Java Application Server" categor... (more)

DiscountASP.NET Offers AJAX-Ready Components With ComponentOne

Development and help authoring tools provider, ComponentOne's UI components, WebMenus and WebBars for ASP.NET, will be offered to customers who purchase ASP.NET 2.0 hosting packages from DiscountASP.NET. ComponentOne and DiscountASP.NET have again partnered to provide ASP.NET developers with the leading suite of ASP.NET AJAX ready components for building next-generation Web interfaces. The WebMenus and WebBars for ASP.NET component suite was named the winner of the 2006 Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice award in the UI Components, Web Forms category by the readers of Visual Studio Magazine. The latest release, 2006 v3, provides ASP.NET AJAX-ready Menu, Toolbar, Tabstrip, Treeview, and TopicBar UI components allowing developers to add highly-interactive, AJAX-enabled UI’s to their ASP.NET Web sites and applications. All customers who purchase a hosting... (more)

Which Technologies Will Carry the Rich Internet Torch?

If Gartner's assessment of AJAX's position on the Hype Cycle is correct, then the days when AJAX is the only game in town are over. Enter the age of what Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group calls 'Fit Clients' - a hybrid of Thick Clients (a.k.a. Fat Clients) and Thin Clients (HTML and RIA). Gartner Group publishes a type of market analysis every year called the Hype Cycle. In general – as the theory goes – certain products go through the hype cycle where they gain a lot of traction until the hype surrounding the technology reaches its peak. It’s at this point, when expectations have far outstretched the capabilities of the platform, that people realize that the technology has limitations and become disillusioned. Subsequently the popularity for the technology plummets. Fortunately, the most useful technologies recover from this plummet and eventually reach equilib... (more)

Micro Focus Buys Borland

Another of the old guard has collapsed. Borland has finally given up the ghost. After a 26-year run that saw it adopt multiple personalities in going from influential to non-entity, the tools house that once challenged Microsoft and Lotus is being acquired by Micro Focus for $75 million cash, a buck a share. The British company wants it for its application lifecycle management software, Borland's latest avatar. Micro Focus figures that with the roughly $8 million Borland had in the bank at the end of December, the acquisition will only cost it about $67 million. The price it's paying is nominally a 25% premium against Borland's closing price Tuesday but a 67% premium over its average closing price the prior 30 days. The UK company is also buying Compuware's application testing and automated software quality assets for $80 million. Micro Focus has been growing by acquisi... (more)